9 Warm Weather Trends For Summer

Warm weather is HERE! The first day of summer is Thursday, June 21st and we’ve got 9 trends that will keep you looking and feeling cool as a cucumber this season.


Embroidered Blouse


This bohemian style blouse is perfect for a day at the beach. Too busy? Wear it to work and pretend you’re on vacation. 😉

CoCo Earring


Is there anything more summery than COCONUTS? These turtle engraved coconut earrings were made by-hand in Guatemala. They’re environmentally friendly and come in a few other fun designs.

Batik Cinch Skirt


You just can’t go wrong with skirts in the summer 😊 and this skirt specifically is pretty hard to mess up. It features gathered batik fabric and is super flattering on any figure because of the thick, stretchy waistband. See more colors here.

The Early Bird Bag


This. Bag. Is. Awesome. It’s big enough to hold all your beach essentials and even a few sand dollars you find while out adventuring!

Twelve Strand Necklace


This necklace reminds us of cool blue ocean waves! Match it with the earrings found here and a tropical fish bracelet found here and people just MIGHT mistake you for the little mermaid.

Ceramic Fish


We love this whimsical fish because the opportunities with it are endless…sort of like summer! Fill it with candy, hide your treasures, or whatever your heart desires.

Fusion Double Woven Choker


No joke, while writing this post I fell in love with this necklace so much I put it on. And still have it on. And probably won’t be taking it off all summer long. It’s begging to be worn to outdoor concerts all summer! Get a different color for every show you’re seeing here.

Short Vest


You can wear this short vest year round, but it’s especially cool (get it?) in the summer with a little tank or even just a bandeau underneath.

Animal Pull


Fly, birdie, fly! What better time than the warm summer months filled with travel to hook one of these little animal pulls on your bag? They’re sure to get some attention whether you’re in a plane, train, or automobile.

And there you have it! Those are some of our favorite accessories for summer. What are yours?



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