8 Perfect Fair Trade Gifts For The New Graduate

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that graduation season is upon us.

From high schoolers headed to universities they’ve always dreamed of, to college grads wondering if what they’ve always dreamed of will now be realized (you can do it!), you’ve probably got someone in your life who is nearing that special time.

30 Ways to.png

Here’s our list of 8 perfect Fair Trade gifts for that new grad in your life!

Leather Passport

This bag is perfectly sized for all your graduate’s soon to come adventures! Whether they’re going backpacking through Europe and need their passport handy, or just their college student I.D. card to get dinner in the cafeteria, it’s fashionable and functional.

Huipil Leather Passport Bag

Camera Strap

We know, we know, it’s 2018 and everyone has an iPhone in their pocket. But it’s truly no replacement for an awesome real camera. Especially if your grad is a budding photographer, get them this cool camera strap to compliment their prized possession.

Camera Strap

Balloon Pants

Do these look like pajamas? That’s because they are! Just kidding. Kind of. These balloon pants are super comfortable. Your graduate who made the mistake of registering for 8 a.m. college classes? They’ll understand this gift soon enough.


Baja Top

Ok, admittedly, we just picked this because it’s cute. Simple as that. Your grad should feel good about themselves though and fresh new clothes are a great way to inject confidence!

Baja Top

Jippy Hamsa Bracelet

The Hamsa symbol has been around for a long time. We’re talking since between 1550 – 330 BCE! It’s frequently seen in the Middle East and Northern Africa and within the Jewish and Islamic faiths. In jewelry, it’s understood to represent protection and as a symbol of hope. For graduates…hope and protection from potentially scary new worlds would is probably a welcomed gift!Jippy HamsaCorte Duffle Bag 

Especially for high school grads heading to college…they’re going to bring a LOT of baggage with them. Pun intended. Send them off in style!

Corte Duffle

Iron Candle Holder

Definitely don’t get this for the high school grad as dorm rooms never allow candles…but for the college graduate? Absolutely! They’re probably broke but in need of a LOT of homewares. This little stand will be with them for far longer than their first grown-up apartment.


Volcano Coin Purse

Last but not least, this little coin purse. Why? Because your little graduate is going to need a LOT of quarters to do their laundry (either in the dorms, or in the big city they’re moving to post-grad). It’s a funny, slightly gag-gift…but still practical and very cute! Fill it up with quarters and they’ll thank you later.Volcano Coin PurseThat’s it for our roundup! Find all of these gift ideas and so much more on www.uniquebatik.com. Cheers to you and your new graduate!


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