7 Beautiful And Ethical Gifts For Mother’s Day

Does anyone else feel like we were just ringing in 2018…and now Mother’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, May 13th)?!

Mother's Day Blog.png

If you were slowly raising your hand in agreement… not to worry! We’ve highlighted seven beautiful and ethical gifts for Mother’s Day to save the day.

1. Bird Pitcher Vase


Kicking off our list is this gorgeous bird pitcher vase. Bringing flowers to Mom is a no-brainer, but flowers in a Fair Trade and hand painted ceramic pitcher? Let’s just say you won’t have to argue with your siblings over who won the favorite child award this year.

2. Florecita Envelope Clutch 0017933_florecita-envelope-clutch.jpgAnother classic gift for mom is this envelope clutch (available in red, tan, and blue). It’ll last longer than flowers and you can also stash a Mother’s Day card inside as a sweet surprise!

3. Batik Head Bandana


The perfect gift from the child that’s always in her mother’s hair. Get it?

4. Reversible Batik Apron


This is not an excuse to make your mom cook for you on her special day…but, if she likes to cook, it isn’t an excuse not to…

5. Bits and Pieces Long Necklace


If you’ve read this far down, you definitely love your mom to bits and pieces. This versatile, handmade necklace will be a unique reminder of that love.

6. Carryall 3 Pom


This adorable crochet & yarn bag makes the perfect beach companion. Load it up with mom’s favorite books (or her MacBook Pro…it fits, we checked) and head out to soak up some sun together!

7. Sloth Keychain 0016798_sloth-keychain.jpg

Last but certainly not least…if you’re reading this post in, say, July, this would be a great Mother’s Day gift for you to purchase. BECAUSE YOU MOVED TOO SLOW AND MISSED THE HOLIDAY! It’ll make her smile, even if it is months late.


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