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So easy to get hooked on crochet treasures

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carryall pompom (6)It’s not just grannies that are enchanted with the repetitive movement of a crochet hook catching a length of yarn and then slipping over and under and through. Hipster women and men are crafting hats, scarves and their own versions of hacky sacks with brightly colored yarns. Occupational therapists teach patients recovering from strokes and accidents how to crochet because the hand movements strengthen muscles that other exercises never reach. And children, with their innate speed and fierce determination, often complete enough, ahem, granny squares for a full scarf in one sitting.lacey crochet headband6

What is basically a manipulated yarn chain, crochet is a historical mystery. Crochet-like work has been found in items from primitive South American tribes, the Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East.  It’s likely that explorers brought crocheted items home from exotic countries. Since crochet is easily unraveled, learning “how to” was just a matter of working methodically to replicate a pattern.

Modern crochet is bolstered by a renewed interest in handcrafted items. Yarn entrepreneurs are adapting a variety of materials in myriad colors into a flexible medium of varying textures, densities and pliability. And Pinterest, the best friend of every craft and crafter, provides plenty of inspiration to crochet novices and veterans.

crochet ball (4)Aquacatan, a village in Guatemala, is on a trade route that has been in use since Pre-Columbian times. One of its international claims to fame is the brightly colored textiles, which often feature crochet, that are representative of South American culture and fashion. If you spot a brightly colored bag, crocheted with thick yarn, chances are it originated in Aquacatan.

Unique Batik’s website is alive with color and texture through a variety of crochet products every age and every taste. Girly girls of all ages are partial to our Lacey Crochet Headband and our Crochet Headband. Our Animal Balls enjoy being part of a good game of toss and hacky sack players are drawn to our Crochet Balls and our Crochet Sports Balls.floppy kufi (4)

Fashionistas and fashionistos are partial to our Kufi Hat, our Banded Kufi Hat and our Floppy Kufi Hat. Come on, you know it’s true – you can never have enough kufi on your head! If you’re on the go, our Carryall line offers dazzling additions to any outfit. Try the Carryall, the Carryall Small, the Carryall Large, the Carryall Backpack or the Leather Trim Carryall Large. And if you think there are a lot of Carryall varieties, just wait until you see how many designs that are available.

With just a hooked needle, a skilled crochet artisan can utilize almost any long fiber (including plant fibers) to craft decorative and useful items. Crochet is a portable craft so it allows busy mothers in economically poor regions an opportunity to multi-task – caring for a family and adding to the household income.

Armed with all this crochet knowledge, it’s likely you’ll never look at yarn or the end result of yarn crafting the same again!


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