Coins that adorn, coins that deliver a message

Thousands of years before Google’s or Facebook’s algorithms, there was the I Ching – a form of divination where coins are tossed like dice and the numbers that are thrown are read. But first, the numbers are organized into one of dozens of formations that, in turn, correspond to a section of the I Ching text. It is believed that your personal energy works through the metal in the I Ching coins to determine what numbers appear. Therefore, whatever section of the I Ching the coins point to is the message you need to hear.

Over the millennia, the I Ching has been manipulated to serve individual practitioner’s uses. Hard core I Ching practitioners are considered sages and the interpretations they deliver are considered divine wisdom. But, like tarot cards, the Ouija board and even fortune fish, many modern applications of the I Ching are for amusement.

IMG_0616The I Ching text itself offers moral messages that are widely applicable. Think horoscopes that offer broad messages that could apply to anyone, regardless of birth date and time. If you sought the skill of an I Ching practitioner in ancient China, you were likely to get an interpretation that corresponded to the wishes of the ruler of the time. If an army needed to be built and you were a young adult male, your message would probably encourage you to show your bravery and join your countrymen and fight.

Unique Batik’s iching bracelets and iching mini bracelets are among our best selling products. Who isn’t attracted to the idea that the I Ching coins on the bracelet you were drawn to might nudge you toward your destiny? Around the globe, customers are encouraged to touch bracelets made with I Ching (or similar) coins so their personal energy can connect with the coins that will best guide them.

Personal destiny is a theme that has been used throughout art and literature and – no surprise – on the Internet. Many people seem to have an innate need to discover their purpose on the planet and the Internet seems to be the new marketplace for the 21st century version on I Ching practitioners to set up shop.

IMG_0617There are I Ching interpretations that allow web surfers to click on a button to get a reading. More sophisticated online resources require the user to concentrate (Harder! You’re not concentrating enough! Give it everything you’ve got) before clicking in order to increase the likelihood that the I Ching coin buttons you chose to click were truly chosen through your personal energy.

Taking time to choose an iching bracelet or to hold I Ching coins in your hand to warm them with your inner spirit before you throw them, poses little harm. The concept that there is a greater purpose for our lives and we can reach our destiny through encouraging messages is not specific to just the I Ching. Whatever drives us to find meaning in our lives so we can more effectively play a larger role in the world is positive movement in the right direction.

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