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Giving the Gift of Fair Trade

IMG_1267We’re always giving gifts to one another, and often searching for what will be the perfect present for any given occasion. Giving the gift of Fair Trade is a gift that gives twice, because not only are you giving to another person, you’re also providing for those who created that gift by hand. Fair Trade gives back to those that create these remarkable pieces of art and craft, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re not only giving to your friend, family member, or neighbor, you’re giving to the artisan as well.

There are so many wonderful options to choose from here at Unique Batik, from pottery to jewelry, clothing to objects d’art, so you can find something for everyone on your list. With the holidays approaching, buying Fair Trade is a wonderful way to give to those you love, while also providing for the communities across the globe that craft those gifts.

Recipients can enjoy their presents even more knowing that what they have received provides for more stable incomes and greater economic opportunity for thousands of artisans and small-scale farming families. When you select a Fair Trade gift, you are demonstrating that you care for both the person that your are giving to and for those that have produced them.

IMG_3260Have a wedding shower to go to? Consider one of our beautiful handwoven scarves from Guatemala. Perhaps you’re going to a child’s birthday party. We have a number of different wonderful gifts for children ranging from clothing to backpacks, and charming animal figures hand-beaded and in a dazzling array of colors. There are selections that are suitable for both men and women, and for people of all ages and backgrounds.

That one element that makes Fair Trade gifts stand out from the rest is hard to describe, but the best word to use is authentic. Anyone who has received a Fair Trade gift knows that it stands out as being special, because you can sense that it has been crafted by hand by an artisan that takes pride in what they do. Fair Trade items are distinguishable by their vibrant colors, unique designs, and wearability. Recipients enjoy displaying a Fair Gift with pride, because it’s always a unique creation that carries with it that special sense of being one of a kind.

As the holidays make their fast approach, you will no doubt get into the cheer – and stress – that comes from the season, so it’s smart to consider Fair Trade gifts for those in your family, for your colleagues, and for your friends. Giving the gift that gives twice holds value for both you and the recipient, and this value encompasses the very spirit of the holiday season.