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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fair Trade

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  1. We sometimes don’t take into account the wages and working conditions of farmers and producers in foreign countries, but buying fair trade products ensures that the goods that you are purchasing come from workers who are being taken care of. Fair trade products are guaranteed to come from healthy and safe working environments where farmers and artisans always receive a fair wage, and also have a voice in how their workplace operates. As a consumer, you gain peace of mind from knowing that your products are made with care, and in environments that are fair.
  1. Fair trade is hands-down better for our environment. That is because fair trade only supports sustainable practices that have less of a footprint on our environment. In an age where our planet is taking a serious beating, it’s good to know that the products that you buy do not in any way contribute to the damage.
  1. When you buy fair trade you can be guaranteed that you’re only getting high quality goods. This is because fair trade artisans take immense pride in their work, and all crafts are handmade. Because of the care in which each product is crafted, you will see that there is a great deal of attention payed to detail, and this leads to superior, higher-quality products that you can treasure. If you’re someone who is used to factory-made products, then switching to fair trade goods is going to be a great pleasure for you.
  1. Fair trade, of course, isn’t just for finely crafted jewelry, bags, and clothing. Fair trade foods are also available, and that means better tasting food. The fair trade farmers are involved and invested in the entire farming process. This means that crops are grown in smaller quantities, but the quality is superior. Give fair trade food and coffee a try for a fresher and tastier experience at your table.
  1. Fair trade is safe, and that means safer working environments, safer farms, and safer artistic expression. In terms of farming, systems are set up to improve soil fertility and therefore preserve the valuable ecosystem. This limits the use of harmful agrochemicals and therefore protects the safety of the farmers. The same goes for safer environments for crafters and artisans. When the workers are safe and protected, the products that they produce are higher in quality, and better for our planet.
  1. Fair trade is all about supporting local communities, and giving them the chance to thrive. By use of cooperative structures, artisans and small farmers are able to invest their fair trade earnings into their communities and villages, and this will ultimately improve housing, health care, and school systems. When fair trade workers know that their earnings are going directly to their families and communities in this way, it is incentive for them to work even better at crafting the products and food that they provide. This acts as a kind of cycle of quality, improvement, and creativity.
  1. Fair trade is dedicated to creating direct partnerships between buyers and producers. Because of this partnership, everyone involved knows that they are buying and selling quality products to people that they trust. This ultimately leads to a sustainable and reliable way for artisans, farmers, and their communities to improve their livelihood and produce products that they care about.
  1. Fair trade is a remarkable way to connect buyers with other cultures. The unique fair trade products on the market are specific to the places they came from and the people who made them. Artisans are involved in the entire process from start to finish, and their products reflect their people, and the cultures that they come from. Because of this authenticity, buyers are able to purchase unique products that have a story behind them. In fact, each piece of jewelry, clothing, accessory, or other fair trade item has a spirit and life that is being expressed by a specific cultural heritage.
  1. Fair trade fosters stable local economies. This is because fair trade gives farmers and artisans control over their own future; allowing them to build their own businesses instead of working with a middle man. Because the profits of their labors stay in their communities, they can also bring this profit back into their businesses, giving them the power to expand over time. Having this kind of control over their work is incredibly self-empowering, giving fair trade workers new hope for their personal financial wellbeing and the wellbeing of their communities.
  1. When you buy fair trade products, you know that what you’re buying really matters. Choosing fair trade means you’re accessing the highest quality products and also making a difference in the lives of others. Artisans and farmers are experiencing better lives by being in the fair trade program, and not only do you enjoy the fruits of their labor, you also know that your purchase contributes to the betterment of their lives and communities.

In conclusion, purchasing products that are fair trade certified can help to reduce poverty, safeguard humane working conditions, and encourage environmentally friendly production methods. When you purchase fair trade products here at Unique Batik, you can be guaranteed that all our producers adhere to fair trade standards, and we only supply our customers with the most unique, high-quality, and exquisite goods from around the world.

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