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Honoring the endless circle of friendship

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As summer transitions to fall, it may be time to, as the traditional children’s song says, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.” There’s no minimum to how many friends each person is required to have, but there’s no limit either As long as they’re true blue (as well as silver or gold), you can never have enough friends.

And what’s the second verse to that song? “A circle is round, it has no end. That’s how long I’ll be your friend.” And there you have the idea behind friendship bracelets – an endless circle that represents a friendship without end. Whether handcrafted (a la 1970s macramé or 21st century beaded) or purchased, the gift of a friendship bracelet comes from the heart and reminds the recipient he or she is loved and never alone in the world.

Friendship bracelets recognize and celebrate a variety of relationships. Even though they’re technically one size fits all, individual designs may lend themselves to specific friendships.

I’m going to miss you, friend

neon friendship

He or she was your summer your camp buddy, your summer-job-away-from-home confidante, your driver’s ed partner. Now you’re going your separate ways and you’d like to offer a light, “it was fun to know you” goodbye gift Neon Summer Friendship bracelets are an obvious choice, but not just because of their name. The bright colors and basic design encourages staying in touch without pressure.

Crazy fun friend

0006123_todos-snapYou love this guy or gal who makes everything not just more enjoyable, but one of the best times of your life (or at least it seems that way in the moment). The Butterfly Slip Knot bracelet, the Skinny Crystal Bracelet and the Skinny Crystal Wrap tell your crazy fun female friend that you always want to be on her speed dial list. The Santiago Snap and the Todos Snap are a little more masculine, but let your crazy fun male friend know that you treasure every zany minute with him.

Perfect fit college roommate friend

There are more bad college roommates than there are good college roommates, but when it’s good, it’s very, very good. If it’s happening now, carpe diem and exchange Chica Friendship bracelets. But maybe your perfect college roommate was a while ago and she became your bridesmaid or child’s godmother or held your hand during a challenging time. A Balsa Wood bracelet helps you celebrate the natural bond that was created long ago and still connects the two of you.

We’ve known each other forever friend

beaded friendship

Your mom dropped you off at kindergarten and cried a little. You were holding hands with your new best friend within 15 minutes and the two of you still stay in touch. You know a lifetime of each other’s heartaches and triumphs. The Beaded Friendship bracelet has a bead for every time she was there for you, in person or in spirit.

No matter how old you or your friendships are, acknowledging the value of an existing friendship with even the simplest gesture can polish the silver and gold in your life.


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