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Artisan Profile: Francisco Jimon

deerThe mountainous village of Sacualpa in the Quiche region of Guatemala is off the beaten tourist path, and artisans there have fewer opportunities to sell their goods. Francisco Jimon leads a group of five people who make machine embroidered textiles using locally made backstrap loomed fabric. The group is made up of Francisco, his brother, Tomas, and other family members. They have been working together for twelve years and use the income from their crafts to supplement what they make working on other people’s farms as day laborers. They earn decent wages planting, tending, and harvesting crops of corn, beans, and tomatoes, but the work is seasonal, and their craft sales provide income they can count on when there is no work in the fields. Continue reading


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Fashion Adventures in Ghana


The Team

Part of the team at Eunice’s workshop

A few years ago, my family and I returned to the small village in Togo, West Africa, where I met my husband.  The trip was quite an adventure for all of us, but especially my 11 year old daughter and my 8 year old son.  We flew into Accra, the capital of Ghana, and since our village is right on the Togo/Ghana border, we decided to borrow a car and drive to Togo. Continue reading

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Hope for the Next Generation

blog3As Unique Batik looks for nonprofit partners to support in the regions in which we work, one of the most important attributes we seek is sustainability.  Will the organization be able to work effectively not only now, but in the future to make a long term impact instead of putting a temporary band-aid on the community’s problems?  One of the most impressive things about Asociacion La Libertad, or ALAS, is that they have a sustainability plan to secure the organization’s future.   ALAS, a nonprofit organization based in Guatemala, coordinates educational development and more for the neglected populations of Guatemala. Continue reading