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Kati Torda, Bead Whisperer

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When Kati Torda walks into her workshop filled with gorgeous beads, she sees a kaleidoscope of faces, places, and colors. For her, the beads are alive, and each one tells a story. “I love them all, but my favorites are the naming beads given to children at birth and then passed down for generations,” admits Kati. “They hold so much history.”

Kati has spent decades crafting beads into beautiful jewelry. Her work balances vibrant colors, organic shapes and innovative materials. Unique Batik is delighted to carry Kati’s original designs. Our newest piece – on its way from Ghana as I write – will blend old and new using traditional powder glass beads in a fun, modern design. The beads are handmade from colored glass powder using ancient methods that produce unique results each time.

Kati’s passion for beads began when she first visited her husband’s village in the Volta Region of Ghana.  She was delighted when each woman gave her a bead as a welcome gift.  She soon learned that beads are an important and beautiful part of many celebrations and ceremonies. Ever since then, she has been “making the beads talk” for audiences and customer’s all over the world. She recently gave a workshop at the Smithsonian, appeared on CNN and edited a book.

IMG_4341Kati is proud of using the income from her business to provide other women with the security of a good job, and to sponsor children in need. You can read more of her personal story, meet her business partners or learn all about Ghanain beads on her website suntradebeads.com. Whether you keep it a secret or shout it to the world, we hope Kati’s beads will become part of your story.


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